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The Resonance Association - The Distance
Thu, 29 Dec 2016 09:50:11 GMT

THE DISTANCE is a 6-track, 56-minute summation of the TRA sound, featuring the singles PILGRIM and TOO OLD, alongside the hallucinatory projections BURNING SAND SPEAKS and THROUGH HIS MEDIUM, the psychedelic title track and the haunting NOTHING SO SWEET AS MAGICK.

The album was recorded over a period of 18 months whilst the band also initiated a live comeback of sorts as a synthesiser-driven duo. Whilst the keys and synths are here in abundance, there is still plenty of the guitar work that long term fans will appreciate.

The album is unique in the TRA catalogue in that it uses vocals and vocal samples extensively: Anthony Hemy's narration appears on BURNING SAND SPEAKS and is manipulated elsewhere on the album. Both Dominic and Daniel provide vocal input in varying degrees on other tracks.

Once again the band have chosen to give fans the opportunity to download the album for free, following the pattern established with their previous album RETURN FROM DREAMING.

Daniel Vincent - Away From The World
Tue, 05 Jan 2016 22:28:06 GMT

Bandcamp, name your price

1. Gold As The Sun 05:53
2. Getaway 03:12
3. All That Glitters 10:18
4. North Drive 06:46
5. The Mountain 04:16
6. Coin Op 05:09
7. A Future State 05:34
8. To The Real 06:24
9. Gold As The Process 07:19
10. Atone 07:44

Away From The World is Daniel's second solo album following 2013's The Enemy Game. A mixture of styles and texture, at times it is whimsical and playful, at others dark and foreboding. The lyrics are surprisingly deep (for someone who is in an instrumental band at least). Includes the singles Coin Op, North Drive and All That Glitters (included here in its epic 10 minute full version).

Sun, 12 Jul 2015 18:54:12 GMT
Ricky Linden of mrs.vee heroes BYN VACUM delivers a new solo EP later this month.

DAS GESICHT was recorded over the past few months and features Ricky playing to his great strengths - otherworldy psychedelic tunes that leave a long last impression on the soul long after they have left the ears.

Check out RIKKY's other albums here

Change returns success? Daniel Vincent talks about his new single
Sun, 19 Apr 2015 07:32:13 GMT

The last time we caught up with Daniel Vincent, co-founder of mrs.vee recordings and half of post-prog scenesters The Resonance Association, all the talk was about the new album Return From Dreaming.

Now, meeting Daniel in a sun-bleached pub garden in his native Croydon, the same album is one of the topics covered, although for very different reasons.

So Daniel, how are you?

I'm well, I have the day off today so I'm enjoying the nice weather whilst also catching up on a few things. I have a new single coming out, so I'm going some bits to get that ready.

Like talking to us?

Oh yes, I guess so.

This is the second single you've released in the last couple of months ["North Drive" came out in March]. Where did all this come from?

I have a lot of material, predominantly electronic, which I'm keen for people to hear. I started working on a follow-up to my Hopton EP last year, and as we move into the spring I thought it would be a good time to put it out.

So, is there much more where this came from? Will there be more singles or an album?

Probably both, a few more singles going into the summer, then maybe an album later in the year. We'll see. There's a lot going on at the moment.

A lot going on? Is any of that related to The Resonance Association announcement [the band recently announced they were indefinitely delaying their album]?

I have been working with Dominic to try to resolve the album issue. It's all about the mixes on some of the tracks, so it's mostly my fault... it usually is! We are determined that the album has to be the best it can be. So far we've re-mixed and completely re-arranged a couple of the tracks which was quite liberating. However, that's a story for another day I think.

But that album will come out at some point?

Almost certainly, however it's neither mine or Dominic's main focus at the moment. We both have day jobs and lives outside of TRA, and outside of music, so that sometimes has to come first... boring I know...

OK, back to the single. It's called Coin-Op and it's very electronic

Yes it certainly is. There are also two more tracks on Coin-Op EP which we've just released as a Bandcamp exclusive which are also very electronic: recorded using Ableton Live, with my trusty LaunchPad, Kaoscilator and a lot of effects, plug-ins and soft-synths. I've very pleased with how these have all come out. Over the last few years I've moved further and further into the technicalities of recording electronic music, whether it's been treating guitars, drums and theremins for TRA or just creating tracks to please myself.
It's very liberating having this very quick feedback loop of creating and mixing in hours rather than days. Releasing this music now is an indication that I'm comfortable moving further in this direction, and that I no longer feel the need to justify the music I create purely in progressive- or alt- rock terms.

You've mentioned your Hopton EP earlier, can you tell us more about that?

Sure, I have been taking my family up to the Norfolk coast every year for the past five years, staying in chalets or cottages. I love the seaside towns, the old arcades, the long beaches and the relative peace compared to London which is pretty non-stop. I take my laptop and some recording gear and over the years I've recorded This Building..., parts of The Enemy Game and also the Hopton EP.

Hopton is a place, right?

Yeah, Hopton-On-Sea is a small village with a holiday camp built next to it. It turns out my father used to go there some 60 years ago as a kid, which may understand why I feel really at ease there.

The Hopton EP was recorded whilst we were there in late 2013 and was my first attempt to create something properly electronic. In the past I've always added a few guitars in or vocals just to try to "legitimise" the music. I think I've moved on from needing to do that now. I think Hopton has some piano and drums on it actually!

So is this you turning your back on traditional guitars, bass, drums and vocals?

Not entirely, although it doesn't interest me as much anymore: on my new website I've started posting Spotify playlists which is create every few weeks, and whilst you'll see that I've still got love for all the music I used to, I'm also listening to a lot more artists on Ghostly International, Warp and the like. It is nice to drift off to some of this stuff, the atmospheric sounds, you can get really wrapped up in it all.

Thanks for taking the time to chat

It's a pleasure!

Matthew Anderson - new album coming soon
Wed, 15 Apr 2015 15:55:40 GMT
mrs.vee's beloved Matthew Anderson has a new album coming in July - it sounds quite beautiful.

Here's your sneak peek...

daniel vincent - coin-op - new EP
Wed, 15 Apr 2015 08:56:11 GMT

Daniel's new EP COIN-OP is now available to download from Bandcamp. The EP features three tracks originally recorded last year in Norfolk all of which have been extensively remixed and mastered for this release.

This EP really continues the electronic direction started on the Hopton EP (originally these new tracks were going to be part of an EP entitled Hopton II) and have been a joy to work on. There are more tracks in this style which will appear later on, possibly as part of an album.

Fans of Ghostly International and Warp Records should enjoy this...

The lead track COIN-OP will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Napster, Xbox Music, Deezer, etc, from Sunday 19th April 2015 onwards.

Dominic Hemy - Darkness - new single
Tue, 07 Apr 2015 08:27:27 GMT

Dominic's new 2-track single is a reworking of his first release as The 3rd Fire - it's available now from Bandcamp.

In celebration of ten years at this game, a little two track single based upon (and including material from) the very first recordings I did back in that old student room in Oxford.

mrs.vee and friends on Spotify - playlist
Sun, 08 Mar 2015 19:34:56 GMT
Oh you crazy kids!

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The Blinding Light Within Your Eyes

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Safety Deposit Box
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Intoxicated Divinity

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